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Unveiling the Ultimate Kegerator Experience

Welcome to the heart of where great beer meets unmatched convenience. Dive into a world where you can pour your favorite brew right at home, with the finest kegerator collections, brought to you exclusively by Idlers Home.


MARVEL's state-of-the-art design is an epitome of craft and function, seamlessly merging to give you the perfect pour every time. A marvel in itself, our collection ensures your beer remains cool, fresh, and ready for those impromptu get-togethers or a tranquil evening relaxation.


Perlick, a hallmark of innovation in the beer preservation industry, redefines the kegerator experience. With unmatched precision, the Perlick lineup ensures that you get the best out of your brew, making it the best kegerator choice for those who refuse to compromise on quality.


Discover the future with Zephyr, bringing a whirlwind of features to the kegerator space. With sleek designs that fit seamlessly into any home and functionalities that ensure your beer tastes just as the brewmaster intended, Zephyr promises an experience like no other.

Whether you're a craft beer aficionado or someone who loves hosting weekend parties, there's nothing quite like having the best kegerator at your disposal. It's not just about pouring a beer; it's about cherishing the entire experience from the cool touch of the glass to the perfectly maintained flavor of the brew.

Browse our curated selection and elevate your beer game. Let the finest brews flow with unmatched elegance and precision, right in the comfort of your home, within your budget.

FAQ About Kegerators

What is a kegerator?

A kegerator is a specialized refrigerator designed to store and dispense kegs. It keeps the keg in a chilled environment and uses CO2 to push the beer out, ensuring the beer remains fresh and carbonated for an extended period.

Why should I get a kegerator?

Kegerators offer convenience for beer enthusiasts who prefer the taste of draft beer over bottled or canned varieties. They are perfect for home bars, patios, or man caves, providing fresh, draft beer whenever you desire. Over time, they can also be more cost-effective than continually buying individual bottles or cans.

How long will beer last in a kegerator?

When properly maintained at the right temperature, a keg of beer can last in a kegerator for about 20-30 days before it starts to lose its fresh draft taste.

Can I store any type of beer in my kegerator?

Yes, as long as you have the right type of keg and coupler to match the beer brand, you can store various beers. However, different beers may require different CO2 pressures, so ensure you adjust accordingly.

What temperature should a kegerator be set at?

Most beers are best served between 38°F and 42°F. However, certain specialty brews might have different recommended serving temperatures, so always check the specific beer's guidelines.

Are there different types of kegerators available?

  • Freestanding Kegerators: The most common type, perfect for home bars.
  • Undercounter Kegerators: Designed to fit under a countertop, similar to a built-in wine cooler.
  • Outdoor Kegerators: Built to endure external environments, suitable for patios.
  • Commercial Kegerators: Larger units meant for bars and restaurants.

How often should I clean my kegerator?

To ensure the freshest taste and proper operation, clean your kegerator every time you change the keg or at least once every two weeks if the same keg is being used.

Can I use a kegerator for beverages other than beer?

Absolutely! While designed primarily for beer, kegerators can dispense other beverages like cider, kombucha, and even cold-brew coffee. Ensure you clean the lines when switching between different drink types.

Which brands of kegerators are considered top-quality?

Brands like MARVEL, Perlick, and Zephyr are known for their high-quality and innovative kegerator designs, but the best choice depends on your specific needs and budget.

Can I customize my kegerator?

Yes, many beer enthusiasts customize their kegerators with different taps, handles, and exterior finishes to suit their personal style or match their home decor.